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The saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention."


REGAIN is a product of necessity. It was developed by triathlete and marathoner, Jason Venckus, as a recovery tool after long distance events in intense heat.  Water is great, but after 3-6 hours of competition in the heat he needed more than plain water. He needed electrolytes like potassium, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium. Big name, sugary sports drinks just didn't cut it and caused stomach upset. So he attempted a switch to coconut water. Coconut water provides all of that and with 10 times more potassium than leading sports drinks! A star, no a diamond, was about to be born in the sports drink world. 

Jason did not stop there. He was not in love with the taste of coconut water and after reading an article about the benefits of tart cherry juice, it was added for taste and to help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress after long bouts of exercise. 

The taste needed a little tweak as well as a natural preservative. Simple flavors were added such as lime and lemon juice. Then just a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. This gives you all the sodium you get from leading brands, tons more potassium and without all the additives that can hinder performance and recovery. 

After much searching, Jason found all these ingredients non-gmo and all but the salt, organic. Salt, a mineral, can not be classified as organic. The last step was to find a way to bottle without adding chemical preservatives. REGAIN uses the hot fill method in glass bottles to achieve this and even takes the bottles back for sterilization and reuse. 


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Wellness Path Blog
Wellness Path Blog

Why almost anyone should drink REGAIN!

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Geek with Muscles Podcast
Geek with Muscles Podcast

Jason chats with Mike about REGAIN and how to build muscle when in a fitness plateau.

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TJM Review (2:40:00)
TJM Review (2:40:00)

The gang reviews REGAIN!

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Sports Hydration
- NO added sugar/substitutes 
- NO artificial flavors
- NO artificial colors
- NO chemical preservatives
- 100% Non-GMO
- 99.9% Organic
- 10x the potassium
- Bottle returns for discounts

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6700 S. Brainard Ave

Unit 204

Countryside, IL 60525

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